Our Teachers

Kerry Grosser

Kerry is the director and principle teacher of the Scottish Highland Dance Academy. She is a past champion dancer, and a qualified judge on the world wide panel of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (SOBHD).


Kerry holds a member’s qualification in both Highland and National with the British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD) and also Proficiency qualification with the Australian examining body the Victorian State Dance Association (VSDA).


Kerry is the current Chairperson of the WA Metropolitan Regional Committee of Highland Dancing Inc. Kerry is the current Technical Secretary for the Eastern Goldfields Highland Dancing Inc. which both committees are regional subsidiaries of the Australian Board of Highland Dancing.


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Belinda Lush

Belinda has won championships around Australia and a record 12 Western Australia championships. Together with placing top 6 in all 3 age groups of Champion of Champions of Australia.

In the 2009 season Belinda made the top 100 of “So You Think You Can Dance Australia”. Unfortunately, a broken foot put an end to that dream. Belinda holds VSDA Proficiency and has a degree in Drama, Japanese and Dance from Edith Cowan Mt Lawley.

Belinda has danced in the Edinburgh, Sydney, Oman and Nova Scotia Tattoos and was dance captain and choreographer for our team who danced in Kota Kina Balu for their country’s birthday celebrations. Belinda is our star choreographer with her Adult group winning the International Championships Choreography many times since its inception.




Rochelle Stonard

Rochelle is a judge on the Scottish Official Board’s World Wide panel and also holds VSDA proficiency and is a past secretary of the WAMRCHDI. She is a qualified nurse and was part of the Sydney and Oman Tattoo teams.

Rochelle has been the assistant to Cheryl Roach (the OzScot Australia team director and choreographer) for many tattoos around the world including the world-famous Edinburgh tattoo. Rochelle assists with teaching at South Perth and Perth and she is available to teach private lessons south of the river.




Fiona Boath

Fiona is a past multiple WA and Eastern Goldfields Centenary champion and is a judge on the Scottish Official Board’s World Wide judging panel and holds a VSDA proficiency teaching qualification.

Fiona has a degree from Edith Cowan University in early child studies and has danced the Sydney, Oman and Nova Scotia Tattoos. Fiona assists with teaching at South Perth and Perth and is available for private lessons.




Rowena Miller

Rowena is champion dancer with many top three championship places. She holds VSDA proficiency and a qualification as a childcare worker. Rowena has danced with the Sydney, Oman, Nova Scotia and Basel tattoos. She was also part of our Kota Kina Balu team. Rowena assists with teaching at South Perth and Perth, and is available for private lessons.




Rachel Bonus

Rachel is a judge on the Scottish Official Board’s World Wide judging panel. She holds teaching memberships with BATD and the VSDA.

Rachel is still competing and is a multi-championship winner. Her championship wins include Grand Australasians, International and Commonwealth Championships, top 6 in all Champion of Champions of Australia in all age groups. Rachel is a Cowal adult world qualifier.

Rachel completed a double degree in Physiotherapy and Sports Science at Notre Dame University in 2015 and is currently working as a physiotherapist while still competing at the elite premier level and assisting with teaching at the SHDA.




Jacqueline Johnston

Jacqui is a qualified teacher and fellow with the world recognised BATD. Her background is in classical ballet has helped her develop specific exercises and programs to strengthen a highland dancer but also to enable them to develop with a sense of grace and style. Jacqui is always one of the lecturers at our annual workshops and takes all our warm up and strength classes.




Rebecca Adamson

Rebecca started her highland dancing in Kalgoorlie with the Kalgoorlie Dance Academy. On coming to Perth to start a Physiotherapy degree at Notre Dame university she came to the SHDA.

Rebecca is now a qualified Physiotherapist in a private practice in Perth and successfully passed the Scottish Official Board judges’ exam and joined the worldwide panel of judges in October 2013.




Victoria Goode

Victoria holds a VSDA proficiency teaching qualification. She is a multi-championship winner in most states of Australia. She has placed top 6 in Champion of Champions of Australia. She has danced tattoos in Virginia, Nova Scotia, Basel, and will dance Russia in 2019.

Victoria  has recently completed a Town Planning degree and teachers a SHDA class in Helena Valley.




Siobhan Papalia

Siobhan came to SHDA from Sydney. Since coming to Perth, Siobhan has passed her BATD members exam in highland and helps teach at the south Perth and Perth classes and takes private lessons for the SHDA. Siobhan has several degrees and currently teachers high school at Shenton College.




Sophie Massy

Sophie is a multi-championship winner around Australia with places in Scottish Championship including a top 3 place at Cowal. Sophie currently holds her teacher’s qualification passing with honours and will complete her full teachers in 2019.




Our Social Director - Dean Illingworth

As many people from the dancing world travelling to Perth have found out, Dean has an appreciation of fine food and wine. He ensures all who stay with us also develop the same appreciation and enjoy the Scottish Highland Dance Academy Western Australia’s hospitality.


He is the self-appointed social director and ensures and that our dancing school maintains his high social standards.